Why Choose EMR Experts?

With over 200 software vendors selling Electronic Medical Record software today, it's important to understand that not all EMR systems offer the same features and services - and many physicians find themselves not knowing where to turn. At EMR Experts, we work closely with our clients to help them select the right EMR, purchase hardware and successfully implement their EMR - all at no cost to you. 

How do we do this? EMR Experts acts as a independent sales representative for all the top vendors in the industry - and by purchasing your EMR through EMR Experts, your system will include the unbiased, expert guidance of an EMR Experts EMR specialist.

The top 5 reasons to purchase your EMR or Practice Management Software through EMR Experts:

1) The EMR Experts Network

The EMR Experts Network is a network of healthcare IT vendors and groups built by EMR Experts. This is a way to provide their clients access to deep discounts and privileges with many of the most popular EMR software products, hardware products, IT services, and healthcare IT companies.

2) Unbiased Vendor Intelligence

EMR Experts has carefully researched over 100 different EMR vendors to help make the process of selecting an EMR as easy as possible for their clients . As an EMR Experts client, you will gain access to this wealth of knowledge by working with an EMR Experts EMR specialist.

3) Discount Pricing

EMR Experts has secured deep discounts through their volume purchasing with many of the most popular EMR software vendors, hardware vendors, and other healthcare IT companies. We pass these savings on to our clients - no strings attached.

4) Expertly Managed Implementation

EMR Experts recognizes that the key to success in EMR lies in a successful implementation - which is why we work closely with the vendor and client throughout the entire implementation process to ensure that our clients are well-cared for.

5) Fast Problem Resolution

No one likes problems, especially problems with a big investment such as EMR which is why we take a pro-active approach to ensuring 100% client satisfaction; resolving problems before they get out of hand by using our leverage with the vendor.


EMR Experts will help answer all of your questions - and more.

What type of EMR software is best for my practice?
What should I expect to pay for an EMR?
How should I pay for it?
What payment terms can I drive?
How many different EMR companies should be reviewed before making a decision?
How many is too many?
How many is not enough?
When do I plan to acquire an EMR?
What is a reasonable time frame to expect EMR installation?
How comfortable am I with modern IT technology?
Do you have any firsthand experience with EMR?
How much longer should I wait until going forward?
How do I convert my current paper charts to an EMR?
Who will do this for my practice?
Should you hire a company to do this?
Will the EMR vendor perform this service for my practice?
How much should I expect to pay for this EMR conversion service?
What is fair?
How long does it take to convert?
What if my implementation goes bad?
How do I handle a disruption in my work flow?
Am I ever truly paperless?
When should I expect to be up and running?
Can I convert to EMR in phases?
How many different EMR companies are there to choose from?
Will this make the office staff happy or uneasy?
What are my choices?
Why is there such a large variance in prices?
Which type of EMR is best for your practice?
Should you go with a Client Server Model or ASP Web Based?
What are the true differences, and why are the products so different?
What would be the realized benefit of each EMR?
Is one EMR better than the other?
Is one EMR more secure than the other?
Are all EMR systems HIPAA compliant?
Do you own the data even if it is stored on a host EMR?
How often are back ups of the data required or recommended?
Can I store my EMR data offsite?
What is the EMR disaster recovery plan?
How often should you practice EMR disaster recovery?
Are there potential drawbacks from either EMR model?
How comfortable are you with modern IT technology?
Which system will be best based on my IT proficiency?
How much automation of your practice is in place today?
Do you currently have a scheduling or billing system?
Are you happy with your current system?
How difficult is it to make a switch?
Will your current system integrate with an EMR?
Will it integrate with the EMR you like?
Is an all in one package the best route?
Should you go with a best of breed approach?
What happens if the system goes down?
Will the company be here for me?
Is there an additional charge every time I call customer support?
Should I pay for a support agreement?
How much is fair?
What is the industry standard?
How long will the company support the current version?
What is the cost of an upgrade to current?
What if I choose the wrong EMR?
If my data is lost, where did it go?
Can I get it back?
Is there a charge for this?
Do I need a local IT person for my office?
What charges are reasonable for their services?
How do I know if I am being treated fairly?
Where do I turn?
Do you have an outside billing company?
Are you being charged a fair price for that service?
When was the last time you shopped for such a service?
Do you like the service?
Do you have a transcription service?
Are you satisfied with the service?
Are you paying a fair price?
When was the last time you shopped for that service?
How good is Medical speech recognition software?
Should I use speech recognition software?
How much better is it today compared to a few years ago?
What about computer hardware?
Were do I buy computer hardware?
Will the EMR vendor provide this for my practice?
Will the EMR company assist me in making the right decision?
Should I shop on my own?
Do you need new computer hardware?
How long have you had your current computer hardware?
Can the EMR company get a better deal on computer hardware?
Who is responsible to back up the server?
Which computer hardware is best for a medical office?

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Last Updated: December 12, 2011