Medical Billing & Practice Management Software

EMR Experts offers a variety of award-winning, fully customizable medical billing software packages to meet any practice's budget. With powerful features and an impressive return-on-investment, your practice will see increased revenue, an improved office, and better patient care.

Our software is available in both Client/Server and ASP models and is compliant with the new NPI number. We also provide data conversions from other billing software systems.





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Some of the many benefits of a quality Medical Billing or Practice Management Software:


Better collections

The better Practice Management (PM) or integrated EMR/PM systems on the market feature dynamic accounts receivables reports which enable the biller to drill down on each line item on screen to re-bill, access patient information, and access insurance information. These features alone will cut in half the time your staff spends on collections. These highly accurate reports provide valuable information on everything that is outstanding, the number of days that the claims have been out and which insurance companies are the slowest to pay, including how much each one owes.


Control over practice

With new database technology and practice management systems that are linked to EMRs, you’ll be able to run a number of different practice management reports to help keep you in control of your practice. There are a number of quick reports that can be printed out daily that tell practice owners things like the number of patients seen on a specific day, total collections, new patients compared to old patients, reschedules, cancellations, etc., etc., all on one screen.


Practice automation

The total automation of the front and back offices will drastically cut down on labor costs. Scheduling, super-bill creation and management, document management, and integration with the EMR, will save your office hours each day. New patient portal features give the patient the ability to fill out their demographics online before they even come in to the office for their appointment, at a kiosk within your office or via their marking a bubble sheet will save your staff from having to fill this information out upon patient check-in. Scheduling will also become faster, more accurate and will remind you to authorize a patient’s insurance before they come in.

View a FREE Medical Billing Software Demonstration

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