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Since 2005, EMR Experts has worked with all the major EMR software vendors and many of the smaller vendors. This has given EMR Experts a tremendous amount of experience as to which companies are viable solutions for physicians and which products perform the best in specific specialties, practices sizes and practice types. Using these experiences, EMR Experts has written the most comprehensive eBook on Electronic Medical Records.  Below are some excerpts from the eBook as well as a link to the vendor list.



As consultants in the Electronic Medical Record Software industry, we've seen our fair-share of both successful implementations and failed implementations. With a record number of physicians trading in their paper charts for its paperless counterpart, the healthcare industry in general is still decades behind the rest of the nation’s industries when it comes to automation through technology. There are a number of reasons for this, including a lack of quality solutions, lack of incentives from governing bodies and simply a dependence on an outdated way of doing things. However, EMR software solutions have greatly improved in the past years, with a number of companies leading the way in innovation. Still, with over 200 software vendors in the market, selecting the right EMR can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, there is no "Silver Bullet" contrary to what many will tell you as no two practices are alike. Carefully evaluating your needs and goals and setting forth a plan is crucial if you wish to see your implementation succeed.


EMR Vendor List

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